The website is live!

Hey everyone, CykaDev here! This is it, big day! Not the release of the Visual Novel, that’s for later, but the release of our brand new website! There’s quite a bunch of new features we worked on, and we’re glad to finally release this new website. Since CykaDev is growing more and more everyday, we […]

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Merry Christmas!

Alright everyone, here are the videos I’ve been talking about yesterday! The one you can see on this post is the announcement video for Christmas, in which I wanted to thank you for being so supportive. You’ll also be able to find another video on our channel… But you’ll have to watch the videos to […]

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Weekly News – 05/05/19


Weekly news are out, after missing the last one because of that damned charger.…
The holy charger has finally arrived, and God does it feel good to type on a keyboard again.
I'm really sorry I couldn't publish the news yesterday. I haven't been able to use my computer for the last days be……