Weekly News – 24/03/19

Hey everyone, CykaDev here! Today’s news aren’t the most exciting ones ever… They’re probably shorter than usual, so I’m sorry about that. Alright… As stated above, this week’s news aren’t really exciting for a simple reason: I had to take several breaks throughout the week. Yay. I think the worst part in that is the […]

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Weekly News – 18/03/19

Hey everyone, CykaDev here! Hey, guess what. The weekly news are late, again! I’m sorry, but I actually have a valid excuse other than “I forgot” this time… Yet, I can’t tell you what it’s about. You’ll discover that soon enough 😉 So, what’s new with our project? Quite a bit of stuff, actually! I […]

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Weekly News – 10/03/19

Hey everyone, CykaDev here! For our European members, I’m sorry if this is late… I generally write these posts as soon as I’m done with my daily work, and today took a bit longer than expected. Today’s news are going to be a bit shorter than usual, as we have no really specific piece of […]

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Weekly News – 04/03/19

Hey everyone, CykaDev here! Okay, so I’m really sorry… These news are one day late! I’ve had a lot to do yesterday, so I couldn’t take care of it. Really sorry, again! Good Lord, so many news for this week. Once again, nothing too incredible for you, but a lot of news within the team! […]

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Weekly News – 24/02/19

Hey everyone, CykaDev here! It is finally time for some normal weekly news. I don’t know what happened last week, some kind of bug? No idea… It’s up to you to figure it out! Now, it has been two weeks since the last actual news, so there’s been quite a lot of progress, of course. […]

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Weekly News – 10/02/19

Hey everyone, CykaDev here! Okay, so first of all, I wanted to do a disclaimer here, in case some of you hadn’t realized it yet: the sprites you can see in the screenshots recently are placeholders and WILL change! They’re just used to portray what the characters will look like. What you saw before was […]

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Weekly News – 18/03/19


The weekly news are out! The Concrete Information Corner has some special info today ;) cykadev.com/weekly-news-24… pic.twitter.com/HL0LyzkvpB
Aaaand the weekly news are out, one day late! It's justified, this time :) cykadev.com/weekly-news-18… pic.twitter.com/uMSUjV87BP
Our weekly news are out! You can find them on the website, as usual :) cykadev.com/weekly-news-10… pic.twitter.com/Ha88r0bg7I