Weekly News – 09/12/18

Hello everyone, here are the weekly news… On time! NOTE: What’s written here was written on Discord. It’s normal if some things don’t make sense. This week has been one of the most productive ones I’ve ever been through, it’s incredible. Let’s start with the website! Because yes, I’ve been working on this update A […]

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Weekly News – 03/12/18

Hey everyone! We have a bit more than usual to tell you this week! (Starting with the fact that we’re sorry about being one day late, probably) First, we are working on our own merchandising store! As of now, we only sell two designs on Represent (https://represent.com/cykadev-logo and https://represent.com/cykadev-logo-black) but this is only the base […]

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Weekly News – 13/01/19

The website is live!

Weekly News – 06/01/19


You know what? I think our next screenshot will have a character in it. It'll be a placeholder though... I can't wait to show you. :)
Our newest weekly news are available right here! cykadev.com/weekly-news-13… pic.twitter.com/CeqPowkjjt
Our new website is up! Feel free to check out the news post right here: cykadev.com/new-website/