Weekly News – 10/02/19

Hey everyone, CykaDev here! Okay, so first of all, I wanted to do a disclaimer here, in case some of you hadn’t realized it yet: the sprites you can see in the screenshots recently are placeholders and WILL change! They’re just used to portray what the characters will look like. What you saw before was […]

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Weekly News – 03/02/19

Hey everyone, CykaDev here! Weekly news are back, with some actual exciting news. You know, it’s a real struggle to find something to say when I’m supposed to stay quiet about the game itself and all that stuff! Let’s start with the most important information: starting today, I have a one month college break, so […]

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Weekly News – 27/01/19

Hey everyone, CykaDev here! Finally, the weekly news! I’ve been working even harder this week to see if I can get used to a tougher work rhythm, so I have a lot of stuff to share with you guys! First of all, I’m proud to say that we have finally passed the 1/4 milestone! It’s […]

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Weekly News – 20/01/19

Hey everyone, CykaDev here! Alright, so you may have noticed we finally have a placeholder on the screenshot. Finally, a character! If you don’t remember her, it’s Aya, the first character we showed on our screenshots. As of now, she’s only a very basic placeholder… Cloudi’s working on some insane sprites! So, let’s talk about […]

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Weekly News – 13/01/19

Hey everyone, CykaDev here! This is the first time I’m actually writing the news post directly on the website. How exciting! Anyway, we’re not here to talk about the website. We’re here to talk about the visual novel: good news, because progress has been incredible lately! I didn’t know if I’d be able to keep […]

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The website is live!

Hey everyone, CykaDev here! This is it, big day! Not the release of the Visual Novel, that’s for later, but the release of our brand new website! There’s quite a bunch of new features we worked on, and we’re glad to finally release this new website. Since CykaDev is growing more and more everyday, we […]

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Weekly News – 05/05/19


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The holy charger has finally arrived, and God does it feel good to type on a keyboard again.
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