Hey everyone, CykaDev here!

As  you may have seen on our Twitter last week, there were no weekly news. I figured it wouldn’t really be worth it, since I was just gonna talk about the usual stuff, you know?

I decided to change up the news a bit, because I don’t want to write the same things every week. It’s gonna get boring if I just say “I’m halfway through day XX” without saying much more… So as you may have noticed from the picture above, I’ll be showing 4 screenshots a week which will hopefully give a little more context to the game! Well, I won’t be telling you what the context is, though. The goal isn’t to spoil everything today, see what I mean?

As usual, I’ll keep you updated on  where we are with the proofreading and whatnot! Maggie should start proofreading soon, and I’m almost done proofreading the first 7 days of the game. As I mentioned last week, the 7 first days are the longest and progress should be a bit more significant as soon as I start re-reading the first route I worked on (the loneliness PD, if you guys remember the CIC from a while ago!)

Anyway, this is it! I hope you like this little change in the news 🙂 If I come up with any new ideas to make them more interesting, I’ll experiment next week. That’s what these news are for, after all.

This is it for this week! Stay safe and stay awesome <3

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