Hey everyone, CykaDev here!

And I’m one day late! Because even though there’s been a change of pace, I will not stop with this cultural tradition of being late. I call it being French.

More seriously, as usual, I hope everything’s okay for you all! Things have been even crazier in the world these days, and I hope we can at least bring a little joy in your lives 🙂 (Says the team who made DDRC, yep).

Last week, I told  you that I was finally done bug-fixing Seikatsu: A Frail Existence. It was a horribly boring and repetitive task, but hey, it’s done! That means I moved on to the re-reading phase, during which I’m just reading everything I wrote since the beginning before sending the files to Sakura in order for her to proofread them. As of now, I’m re-reading Day 3 of the VN… Which basically means that it’s much, much faster than the writing. Still, it takes a bit of time! According to my stats, it might take me about 125 days to finish re-reading everything. And that doesn’t include adding the sprites in game…

I’ll try increasing my rhythm as much as I can while still keeping up the quality in order to get through this as quickly as we can. That’ll also depend on the proofreading, but I’m sure we’ll figure it out and release the game this year. And if we don’t… Well, I’ll be damned. Just a bit more time to wait, huh? 😉

I did try thinking about a Concrete Information Corner that would be interesting for you guys, but I couldn’t come up with anything in particular. If you have any questions that you think could be interesting for this part of the weekly news, feel free to ask in the Discord server! I’d be glad to answer your questions as long as they’re not spoilers. Or shitposts.

That’s it for this week. Stay safe and stay awesome!

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